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off we go

16/366 This has to be one of your favourite games – jumping into the suitcase as soon as I pull it out to start packing. It becomes your boat, your car, your house, or a nook to hide in. As many times as I have had to pack, this game still never fails to amuse […]

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embracing the mess

15/366 This is what our living room looks like on any given day –  a mess of colour strewn across the floor, under the chairs and sometimes down the hall. A clean floor is like an open invitation that you simply can’t refuse, a blank canvas begging to have the contents of your toy boxes […]

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east coast park

14/366 It was an East Coast Park kind of day today. You were looking a lot better so we loaded your bike into the back of the car and headed off. Of course, as soon as you saw the beach you wanted nothing to do with the bike and were all about the sand. You kept […]

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via Dear Baby Wow, I wish I was as cool as Aunt Carol! Even at 18 I don’t think I could’ve challenged her :p This put a huge smile on my face 🙂

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taking a moment

13/366 Did I say yesterday was long? What do I know? If yesterday was long, then last night was a marathon of epic proportions, an infinite loop of miserable, the kind I’ve never seen from you before. A visit with the doctor this morning brought you face to face with your first nebulizer treatment, something […]

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under the weather

*photo courtesy of Papa 12/366 Post-breakfast. Head on mummy’s shoulder, fingers entwined in my hair (your own personal lovie), it was only 9 am and you were already flagging. Today was a long one, babygirl. A lot of coughing and a nose like a faucet, interspersed with games that mummy just couldn’t seem to get […]

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