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view from the top

11/366 Today you made it to the top of the fort all by yourself! I turned my back for one minute and there you were! I’m usually bombarded with cries of  ‘Help me, mummy!’ but I guess today you got tired of waiting and decided to throw caution to the wind. You are cautious by […]

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sleeping beauty

10/366 I think it’s a universally known fact that babies are cutest when they’re asleep. You are no different. When you fall aslumber, all the day’s naughties are forgotten and it’s all I can do to restrain myself from kissing your cheeks, stroking your hair, squeezing your arms to the point of waking you up. Ok, […]

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iPad interruptus

9/366 “Ugh! Muuuum! Can’t you see I’m busy?! Srsly..!” That look says it all. I am already seeing glimpses of the teenager in you. You are most definitely a product of the iGeneration. Proficient in operation if all ‘i-devices’ since you were 18 months old, you recognize the symbol for YouTube and know it’s name […]

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favourite uncle

8/366 You love spending time with your Jek-jek. Given that he is your only uncle (by blood), he’s almost elevated favourite uncle status by default anyway. But I think if there were any actual competition for the position they would find it hard to edge him out of pole position. Today we went shopping at VivoCity and between Jek-jek […]

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love bug

7/366 Love bug. Cuddle monster. Kiss stealer. Snugglepot. That’s you. Forever showering your favourite people with impromptu kisses and never declining when asked for one. Go ahead and melt my heart, why don’t you.

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6/366 Today, upon checkout, to the cashier (on tippy toes to make sure she notices you): “Hello! I’m Peppa Pig!” Oh, babygirl, you make me laugh daily 🙂 And just for your enjoyment, so you can see what 80% of the photos I take of her look like: This is what she usually gives me, […]

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