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perfectly you

50/366 You, oh you, with your mess of brown hair hanging perpetually in your eyes. “If our baby is as cute as Fang was, I’ll be happy.” I said to your Papa. Before we met you, before we knew if you were going to be our babygirl or babyboy. And here you are, undoubtedly your […]

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49/366 You recently watched watched Transformers with Papa. So now, every time we go past a construction site, you ask to stop and look at the ‘robots’.

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things you say

48/366 Cowboy-nana = carbonara Galumpeelor = galloping Slowmet = snowman Pikanet = Picnic “Hmmmm…very inderdesting.” “Hello, Mr. Mummy!” “I’m sneezing my nose, mummy! When anybody asks you what your name is, you promptly reply “Wee wee!”. Luckily you say it in Thai and no one actually understands. If Papa gives mummy a kiss or a hug and […]

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bubble tea

47/366 Your favourite drink. Teh peng would probably rank first, except that bubble tea, well that’s just like teh peng, but with bubbles!! You would finish this whole thing if I let you, but then there would be no sleep for any of us come bedtime.

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46/366 You don’t have a ‘lovey’  and for the most part, you spread your love around equally amongst your toys. You do have a couple of favourites however, that get a little more attention than the others. Shelby is one of the special few. You picked her yourself from the gift shop at Aquaria KLCC […]

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valentine’s day

45/366 We headed into the city today for a little Valentine’s lunch date with Papa. After which we took a little stroll and the two of you treated mummy to an impromptu “ballet” (which equates to a lot of twirling and a little jumping) performance on the steps of Ion. It made your day.

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