You don’t have a ‘lovey’  and for the most part, you spread your love around equally amongst your toys. You do have a couple of favourites however, that get a little more attention than the others. Shelby is one of the special few. You picked her yourself from the gift shop at Aquaria KLCC when you were 10 months old, having never shown much interest in soft toys before that. How could Papa and I say no, when you looked so cute nuzzling her up to your face, making mewing noises under your breath and showering her with a hundred tiny kisses?

Today Shelby was by your side as you shot down the slide and fireman’s pole, hung off the monkey bars and chilled on the bridge. She was even treated to shoulder rides and given her own magic wand.

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by Sharlene

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  1. Naomi Britton
    Posted February 27, 2012 at 20:21 | Permalink

    Love this series of photos!

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