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where did my baby go?

44/366 Babygirl, when did you go and get so long? What happened to the tiny thing that used to fit in the crook of my elbow and scream from 8pm-11pm every night? There you go again, growing up a little bit more every time I blink. Do you think you could maybe slow it down? […]

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splish splash

43/366 As you strolled through Orchard today, you gravitated towards every single body of water you could find, kicking up a royal stink every time you were pulled away. We stopped at this one for awhile and let you have a splash around. I turned my back for one second only to find you sippingĀ from […]

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golden arches

42/366 Relaxing at McD’s and munching on some fries. Perfect way to recover from post-nap grumps.

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talk to the hand

41/366 Today you weren’t having a bar of the camera. But that’s ok, we all have days like that sometimes.

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40/366 This is your favourite way to come down the slide – face first. Then you hang off the end, lying there telling little stories that only you understand.

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drain fishing

39/366 Fishing for “monster fish”, you said. Which I’m pretty sure means sharks. Following in Bampa’s footsteps, perhaps?

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