things you say


Cowboy-nana = carbonara
Galumpeelor = galloping
Slowmet = snowman
Pikanet = Picnic

“Hmmmm…very inderdesting.”

“Hello, Mr. Mummy!”

“I’m sneezing my nose, mummy!

When anybody asks you what your name is, you promptly reply “Wee wee!”. Luckily you say it in Thai and no one actually understands.

If Papa gives mummy a kiss or a hug and you happen to notice, you will pipe up straight away “Kiss! Kiiiiissss! Me too!”, extremely annoyed that you’ve been left out of the lovin’.

You wanted Papa to do something for you so he asked you to “say the magic word”, to which you responded “Anlala anlala balolink!!”, which is your version of abracadabra. In other words, the “magic word”. I think Papa was looking for something more along the lines of “Please.”, but it got you what you wanted nevertheless, along with a laugh from your audience.


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by Sharlene

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