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shelf ornament

74/366 A favourite little chill-out spot of yours. So much so, that we had to remove one of the shelves for you so that you didn’t keep knocking your head on it and have to contort you body to fit into the little space!

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king of the castle

73/366 Basking in the morning light at the peak of your ‘castle’. You would have stayed here for hours, playing on this tiny little mound of grass, if I’d let you. You just love playing outside. Any toy or book or cartoon can never bring the same light to your eyes as being outside does.

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soup: the right way to do it

72/366 It just tastes better this way. Obviously.

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sookie la la

71/366 Hiding behind Papa and having a bit of a sook after being told “No.”.

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70/366 Home again. A hospital bracelet and a lingering virus-induced lethargy. All remnants of a night sooner forgotten.

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the hardest thing

69/366 After a really tough night, we ended up at Mount Alvernia hospital this afternoon. Your chest was tight, your breathing shallow and you were very, very miserable. Bronchitis strikes again. The doctor recommended hourly nebulizer treatments and the hospital. To say it was hard to see you like that would be an understatement. It […]

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