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laying low

68/366 You were nursing a little cold today, so we stayed in and vegged on the couch in PJs, watching Ice Age and laughing at the little squirrel’s antics. Unfortunately all the resting up we did wasn’t enough to stave off another round of bronchitis, and this picture here is probably the happiest you were […]

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not so new tricks

67/366 Look at you, swinging on the monkey bars like a pro! These past few months it seems like you’ve taken a huge leap in confidence and independence, jumping into things that you previously just seemed too small for  without a second thought. This monkey bar thing is not so new, but each time I […]

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my little artist

66/366 I bought some paints for you awhile ago, knowing that we really don’t have a suitable spot in our house for you to sit down and paint and make a mess, but not able to stop myself at the thought of how much I knew you would love it. I kept them hidden for […]

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rainy day

65/366 It was rainy for most of today and you were getting a little stir-crazy without your daily playground run. So we took Shelby downstairs to watch the rain for awhile, and let you run off your crazies 🙂

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underwater world sentosa

64/366 We went on a little excursion today to the far ends of Sentosa Island. It was hot, hot, hot and terribly sticky. But none of that made its way into your memory banks – all you could talk about when we got home was going back to see the seals and the dolphins and the monster […]

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little liverbird

63/366 Wearing Papa’s Liverpool hat and making him proud 🙂

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