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92/366 It looks like we could be somewhere in the desert, but in reality it’s just a little vacant lot next to a new favourite brunch spot in Fremantle that we took a little detour into for you to pick flowers and have a little runabout after sitting patiently, sharing mummy’s green smoothie and letting Na Namkarng […]

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cottesloe beach

91/366 One our favourite Perth spots and always on our list of ‘must visits’ on our trips back, especially in your books. Although, you would probably be happy at any beach really. Sand and some water is all you need for hours of fun. You would sit here and play all day if you could, not concerned […]

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aunty winnie’s house

90/366 You have been asking me everyday since we arrived in Perth to go to Aunty Winnie’s house, to go and see Ashlee, to play with water, to play on the bouncy. Well, today you got your wish. You played to your heart’s content and were none too happy when I told you that it […]

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89/366 Oh my goodness, is that eye contact? Smiling for the camera? What’s gotten into you, babygirl? I think it might be a bit of excitement shining through, knowing that Papa was on his way down to the hotel lobby to meet us. We loitered in the lobby for a fair while, waiting for him […]

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88/366 I finally found myself breathing easy, the weight of anxiety gone from my chest, as I watched you in your element, running around Nan-nan’s backyard. I could literally see you getting healthier as you ran barefoot in the lush green grass, sun kissing your skin and clean air moving through your lungs. You pulled […]

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tea time

87/366 I’m not entirely sure what I did to deserve that look you’re shooting me (probably taking your photo?), but I think this might be the same look I shoot Papa every time he tries to trick me into believing one of his tall stories. The ones that I never fall for, but Aunty Winnie always does […]

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