I finally found myself breathing easy, the weight of anxiety gone from my chest, as I watched you in your element, running around Nan-nan’s backyard. I could literally see you getting healthier as you ran barefoot in the lush green grass, sun kissing your skin and clean air moving through your lungs.

You pulled me into the yard, telling me “You wanna go see baby tigers!”. It wasn’t a question. I followed you as you ran off to bring a baby tiger back for me to see, cradled carefully in your arms. You passed him gently to me, to cuddle for short while, and then took him back to “see his mummy”. The tiger was then followed by a baby lion, a baby giraffe, a baby zebra and a baby hippo. I love how easily you enter into this imaginary¬†world, a jungle (full of safari anaimals, which is probably not technically correct but hey, it’s your world!) in the back yard, and how willing you are to share this little world of yours with us.

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by Sharlene

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