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86/366 First day back and the spoiling begins 🙂 Na Nampeung bought these icy poles for you. All natural fruit juice, she said, so they’re ok. You sat on the steps of Nan-nan’s back verandah, enjoying the sun and every last bit of that icy pole!

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85/366 Well look at that, we’re here again! A last minute trip back to Perth. After a rough time with you falling sick, desperately feeling the need to recharge and get a dose of fresh air into you, I packed our bags to take us back for three solid weeks of getting spoilt by Yai-ja […]

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talk to the hair

84/366 How does the saying go? Talk to the hand? I think in our household it would be more appropriate to change the phrase to “talk to the hair”. We get this view so often, it’s a darn good thing I love that tangle of curls so much!

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chilling on the void deck

83/366 Zoe was companion of choice for today’s jaunt downstairs. Not entirely sure if she enjoyed the view quite as much from her perch on the bench though.

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me time

82/366 Putting your feet up and enjoying a little ‘me time’.

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81/366 You are fascinated by this gigantic ‘iPhone’, wanting to stop and have a chat on it every time we walk past. “Hello?” you say, “Wilson speaking!”. Never fails to make me laugh.

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