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a very stylish life jacket

116/366 You spied this almost-too-small cheongsam in your closet and begged me to put it on for you, insistent that this is what you wanted to wear today. “I want to wear the life jacket, mummy!”, were your exact words. I hate to think what your reaction would be if your saw the truth of […]

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monkey king

115/366 “I’m a monkey king, mummy!”, you told me. Because apparently the monkey king wears a pink and blue, beaded crown…

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114/366 You asked me to tie the tea towel around your head, telling me “I wanna be the doll, mummy!”. So I did as bade and off you went happily, only to return a few minutes later to ask me to re-tie it, this time telling me that you would to be “the witch”. Again […]

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113/366 Walking home with Papa after breakfast and a little shopping expedition in which a new mop was acquired.

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the grumps

112/366 You seem to be having a little case of coming back down to reality. The trip to Perth was a bit of treat, being surround by so many willing participants to your never ending games of make believe and a readily available ‘jungle’ right on ¬†your doorstep. As a consequence you have been a […]

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over it

111/366 You’re getting a little too good at giving us this face. This morning you were a little too busy ‘cooking’ to be enticed down for breakfast, so we had to drag you reluctantly. Upon arrival at the food court, we were rewarded with this look for the whole duration of breakfast.

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