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conversations in the basket

110/366 And just like that we were back in Singapore. I’m not entirely sure of the exact words exchanged here, but I think it went something along the lines of Belle Belle: “Up, please!” Poupée: “Huh?” Belle-belle: “I wanna be da baby in da basket!” And it continued along this vein as you attempted to […]

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109/366 Up and at ’em bright and early for our flight back to Singapore, you were only just starting to wake up properly when it was time for us to say goodbye and head in to board our flight. It doesn’t seem to get any easier, in fact it only seems to get harder with […]

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magic hour noodles

108/366 We took dinner outside tonight and enjoyed a bit of magic light with our “doodles”. Somehow that golden shine makes everything look (and taste?) better.

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the end of afternoon naps

107/366 After [too] many days of skipping your afternoon nap, you finally succumbed, grubby feet and all. Judging from this trip, all signs point towards us being on the tail-end of afternoon naps for you. So I’m making the most of it, soaking in all the loveliness that is you mid-slumber, and the peace that […]

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sunset at applecross foreshore

Living in Singapore, being away from Perth, has really driven home with me how just beautiful this little city I was born in really is. I am realizing how blessed I am to have grown up surrounded by all this. Days like this though, they still take me by surprise. Stop me in my tracks […]

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how to give the best cuddles

106/366 The best cuddles are always accompanied by a big squeeze, a cheek squish and a nose crinkle. I know this, because that’s they way you do it, and your cuddles are most certainly the best ever. Just ask Yai-ja!

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