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140/366 Armani…or Versace..can’t quite remember which designer store along Orchard that this photo was taken in front of. I’m sure you’re enitrely unconcerned about which it is, as all you were interested in was running away from mummy and daddy!

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139/366 Building fires from flowers. A favourite past time when you get bored of the playground (or there are too many people playing on it for your liking).

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play dough: mummy’s nightmare

138/366 And this is why I have no love for play dough. But you do, and that is why the stuff still exists in our house.

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137/366 Playing a game of peek-a-boo with the camera. what’s new? I wasn’t quite as fast as you (what’s new), and hence you’re a tiny bit out of focus, but hey, what’s new? 😉

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and it’s another rainy day

136/366 It rained all day today…again. Inevitably you were starting to develop a slight case of cabin fever by the afternoon. An attempt to walk it off downstairs within the confines of the covered areas wasn’t much help, with a wet playground taunting you and puddles begging to be jumped only to be told no […]

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an armful

135/366   The load of stuff you insisted on bringing down to the playground today – your water, your bunny, a drying leaf, and bagful of other odds and ends. Pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. 

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