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155/366 Sunday treat at One Utama.

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a rare moment

154/366 A rare moment of peace between the two of you, amidst what is shaping up to be a rather trying time for your two mummies!

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papa time

153/366 A little call to Papa, of your own accord, to say ‘I miss you.”

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152/366 Vitamin time and you’ve decided that that this is the safest spot in the house in order to avoid any conflict, is up on the counter and out of reach of little hands.

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fly away

151/366 Butterfly wings, stealthily borrowed during your little cousin’s nap-time in order to avoid any drama that has been all consuming over the past few days whenever there is only one set of anything!

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big girl

150/366 That babyness is really disappearing fast, isn’t it?

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