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shopping buddies

149/366 You found this huge teddy at the supermarket today, on the bottom shelf at exactly the right height for you to grab him and carry him around on our grocery trip. You two had quite the conversation, checking out ice-cream, juice and various sundries together. Luckily it didn’t take much convincing to get you […]

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148/366 First day of the big move and you seems to be taking everything in your stride. A little subdued without Papa around and being in a new space, but mostly unperturbed to be uprooted and shifted to another country. Oh, to  have the faith of a child; to accept change, knowing without even knowing, […]

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sayonara Singapore

147/366 Look at us, off on another adventure. After a year and half in Singapore, we’re packing up and moving to KL.  Admittedly, despite assuming that it would be a cinch to slip seamlessly into the culture here, it has taken a little longer to adjust than I anticipated and now we’re off to do […]

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bye bye bampa

146/366 Waiting for Bampa’s ride to the airport. Not impressed.

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145/366 This was your response to being told that Bampa is leaving tomoro. I asked if you were happy, you replied ‘No. I’m not happy! I’m sad.’ and proceeded to have a little sook in Bampa’s arms.

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144/366 As I watch you grow, lamenting the fact that it’s all happening too fast (you’re too big, you’re so grown-up!), there are moments in between when I look at you and am hit with the sudden realization of how small you are. The feeling that wells up in my chest – that combination of love, a […]

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