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yoghurt is fun

214/366 I let you go to town on the last of Bampa’s greek yoghurt. Even I couldn’t eat this stuff, it was a little too bitter for me, but you polished it all off!

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phantom socks

213/366 Now I know where the matching pairs to all of Papa’s socks have been disappearing to!

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au naturale

212/366 We’ve officially entered the naked stage. You’re not really a fan of the full monty, but it’s not uncommon for you to find you stripped down to your undies and chilling out with the iPad. It’s either that, or multiple (multiple!) outfit changes a day, with claims of “It’s wet!”, or “It’s yucky!, or […]

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follow the leader

211/366 Bravely leading the way up from the car park and into the condo.

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aunty sophia

210/366 Aunty Sophia was the new favourite for today. She had you at hello 😉 You warmed up to her immediately and at the end of the day you extended your first ever personal invite for a play date at our house, “You wanna come to my place?”, to her.

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late night snuggles

209/366 You woke up all of a sudden, it was almost midnight, and snuck out of your room for a snuggle on Bampa’s lap.

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