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208/366 A walk to the shops with you can take forever; stopping to pick flowers, attempting to stop and pick up pieces of rubbish (!!) and throw them in the bin, finding bits of string and going fishing in the drain. When I’m carrying bags of shopping and trying to get us home through the […]

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KL town

207/366 We went for a little jaunt through KL today, looking for Bampa’s beloved hifi shops, strolling along Bukit Bintang and making a pit stop in Charles and Keith for some shoes for mummy. We topped it off with coffee, where you made a right mess of the tabletop, spreading sugar everywhere and having a […]

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206/366 First Perth, then Singapore, and now Malaysia – this is still your preferred mode of transport when Bampa is around.

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de ja vu

205/366 I get the feeling that this trip to KL was a bit like de ja vu for Bampa. I heard the words “That look was just like you as a little girl!” come out of his mouth multiple times. As you head into this new stage, something to do with being three going on thirteen, you […]

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family breakfast: malaysian style

204/366 We headed out for an round table family breakfast this morning, Malaysian style. We hit up the kopitiam for some pohpiah and nasi lemak, char kuey teow and wantan mee, loh mee and teh peng to your hearts content. Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the KL morning crowd and in the company […]

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it’s not official until there’s cake

203/366 We had a very simple little party for you at home with family today. We were hoping to do something on a larger scale for you this year, but with your birthday coming so close on the heels of the big move, it just didn’t pan out. But you were happy enough to have […]

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