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hand in hand

234/366 Aunty Winnie and mummy must sound so silly to anyone that overhears us,  but every time the two of you hold hands and wander off somewhere together (even if it’s just to watch TV), we can’t help but squeal in delight. Admittedly, Aunty Winnie is the one that does most of the squealing, but I […]

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hobart deli

233/366 A lovely, little lane way by the Hobart Deli where you were quite happily searching for butterflies and gathering flowers until I tore you away to go and catch up with Aunty Anthea. You were a little upset when we met with her and she told you that the baby in her tummy was a little boy. […]

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232/366 Babycinos just don’t hold the same allure that they used to. In all honesty, this was quick-hit caffeine stop for the adults, and the babycino was an attempt to lure you back to your seat and away from the playground so that we could sit down and drink our coffee. So I’m not sure if it […]

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stepping stones

231/366 One of your favourite spots at Na Namkarng’s house.

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pretty playground

230/366 One of the things we (especially you!) love about our trips back to Perth – late afternoon walks to the playground as the setting sun bathes us in it’s warm, golden light.

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soaking up the sun

229/366 Look at the two of you, soaking up that winter sun. I struggled to pick a picture for today. Namely because I really didn’t take many at all; three days in Mandurah and this is the best I have to offer. I guess we were just too busy making up for lost time! You girls had so […]

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