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228/366 We took a little trip down to Mandurah with Aunty Winnie, Ashlee and Annabel for a few days and took the opportunity to initiate Ashlee into the rites of the beach. Can you believe this was her first time?? Luckily there was a cute little cove right next to our apartment, perfect for first […]

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side glance

227/366 I snuck this shot in as you two were watching a cartoon. I think it was Seefood? Not sure what was happening in that particular scene, but the look of incredulousness on your faces in that second shot, especially yours, just makes me laugh.

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ahhhh, coffee!

This is one of my favourite things about being back in Perth – the coffee. That chocolatey aroma of the freshly ground beans and the velvety milk that spreads warmth through your chest on a chilly winters day. But it’s so much more than that too. It’s the walk down the streets of Fremantle as […]

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toilet humour

226/366 Popped into Harbourtown today to look for some new ‘boops’ for you (with which you were mightily pleased, may I add), and of course had to make a pit stop for a coffee before heading home. I’m pretty sure there was a little (whole heap of!) toilet humour being thrown about when I took […]

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surrounded by love

225/366 It was cold and wet today (a lovely change from the heat and humidity of Asia) and so we were cooped up inside on the couch with cups of tea and the tv going. Indoors isn’t usually your scene, but you were pretty happy wedged up there on the couch between Yai-ja and Bampa, […]

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224/366 Back in your natural habitat – sun, surf and sand, sand, sand! Looking forward to being able to actually take you swimming in the ocean. Coming back in winter (and even spring and autumn), has meant that the water has been way too cold to take a dip. It’s never put a damper on your love […]

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