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making the rounds

252/366 Final days in Perth and we’re making the goodbye rounds. Today’s farewell came complete with cousins, ice-cream and a bit of mud thrown in for good measure; miraculously with only one of you requiring a change of clothes.

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baby girls

251/366 Three beautiful babies girls – you girls are gonna keep your daddies’ hands full when you grow up! You’re already keeping your mummas on their toes! But we love you to bits, we do. Oh, how we love you to bits 🙂

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goodbye kiss

250/366 Sending Papa back to work in KL while we grab a few more precious days in Perth with everyone.

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another day, another playground

249/366 Another day, another playground. You’re living the dream, babygirl!

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we at the hotel motel holiday inn

248/366 We spent a quiet, rainy day at the hotel with Papa today. It was nice just to see his face for awhile, he’s been so busy this trip!

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fun with aunty winnie

247/366 You can always count on Aunty Winnie to bring the fun and games 😉

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