happy birthday ashlee

Dear Ashlee,

Happy birthday, sweet girl! I can’t believe you turn 3 today! Watching you grow up, going from bald little baby to the spunky little girl you are today, has been pretty amazing. You’ve become this little person, with a cheeky sense of humour and a big smile and infectious laugh that light’s up every room you walk into. Not only that, but I can already see you following in your mummy’s footsteps (and I’m not talking about the stubborn streak, although rest assured you inherited that too!); you have such a big heart, a caring and generous spirit. I see it in the way you love on Annabel, I see it in the way you interact with Riley. Don’t ever lose that, Ashlee. You will touch many people’s hearts and bring joy to them with the giving spirit you have been gifted with.

God bless you on your birthday, Ashlee-boo.

Love from Aunty Sha-sha, Uncle Wilson & Belle-belle ♥

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by Sharlene

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