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dancing shoes

275/366 Not quite sure what it was you were doing here, babygirl. Some sort of dance on the petals strewn across the drain cover? You were just happy to be outside as usual.

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banana leaf

274/366 This was your first time eating banana leaf, and the novelty of eating with your fingers had you quite hooked. That and the papadums, of course. Papa’s girl through and through.

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pool time with papa

273/366 You can always count on Papa for a good ol’ dunking in the pool 🙂

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hanging out

272/366 How could that face not make you smile? We spent a little while hanging out in the bedroom today. I cherish these moments of time spent with you, knowing that the school days will be upon us before we know it, and the days of leisurely chilling on the bed doing nothing but a […]

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271/366 Making our way to the grocery store, in style!

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play date

270/366 You were all excited today, as we made our way to a new friend’s house for your very first play date in KL. Friendship is always worth smiling about 🙂

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