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264/366 Babygirl, you are such a joy in our lives, making us laugh everyday with some little titbit or other. You inherited some of mummy’s serious-child streak and sometimes it’s exactly that that has us chuckling. Other times it’s the underlying cheeky sense of humour that came from Papa that has us in stitches. Most of the time it’s just little things that have us shaking our heads and wondering where you get these things from?!

A few days back you were doing some simple jigsaw puzzle on the iPad. After a few times of asking for my help, I realized that you had got the hang of it on your own and had stopped asking for assistance. “Wow, Belle-belle!” I said, offering praise. “You’re doing it all by yourself now! That’s really good!”. You looked at me with what I can only describe as disdain, and said to me “It’s just a game, mummy!”, as though my praise was the silliest thing you’d ever heard.

You don’t enjoy having your hair tied up, but you will consent as long as it is up for a specific purpose, such as keeping it out of your face while you eat or play or going to ballet. As soon as said activity is completed however, the first thing you always do is pull your out of the elastic band. Upon doing so yesterday, you shook your curls out around your shoulders and exclaimed “Ahhhhhh! I came alive! My beautiful curls!”, because you know, it is such torture and dampening your spirit for me to request that you put your hair up!

If you fall and hurt yourself you get very agitated if we ask “Are you OK “. You always respond with “No! I’m not ok! I’m just fine!”. I’m not exactly sure what the difference is, but if we ask “Are you just fine?”, you will always respond with a “Yes.” and get up and go about doing whatever it was you were in the middle of.

This sudden obsession you have with growing up; I’m not sure where it’s come from from or why it’s suddenly such a big deal to you. You wake up in the morning and look at me with worry, “Mummy, I’m not bigger yet.” you say. You eat all your veggies, including the ones you used to refuse (which is a plus!), telling me “I have to eat my veggies so I can grow bigger and strong enough!”. The thing that made me chuckle the most though, was when you knelt down, hands together and started praying “Dear Lord Jesus, please make me grow up!”. Oh babygirl, there is plenty of time for all that!

Little things that I know I will surely forget if I don’t write them down, things that I know will make me laugh years down the track, I’m sure. Little glimpses of your personality shining through.

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by Sharlene

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  1. Naomi Britton
    Posted December 1, 2012 at 12:18 | Permalink

    lol! ‘My beautiful curls!’ I hadnt heard that one before.

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