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had enough

269/366 After 9 months you are finally learning to tolerate me and my camera. You don’t mind it so much and you’ve learnt to simply tell me to put my camera away when you’ve had enough. Sometimes though, you just give me this.

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taking in the view

268/366 Taking in the view of condos and construction.

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not impressed

267/366 Papa and I felt like eating bak kut teh for breakfast this morning. You on the other hand, not so keen on the idea. This was the view we were treated to the whole time we were eating.

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266/366 It’s been awhile since you two have been in each other’s presence and boy, did you play together soooo much better today than you did last time! I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder. A couple months also makes for two little girls that are growing up and learning to be […]

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squeaky clean

265/366 One of your favourite times of the day – bathtime. It’s been a little hard to get you into the tub lately. My prompt to bathtime usually met with an emphatic “No thanks!”. But once you’re in, it’s even harder to get you out!

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making us laugh

264/366 Babygirl, you are such a joy in our lives, making us laugh everyday with some little titbit or other. You inherited some of mummy’s serious-child streak and sometimes it’s exactly that that has us chuckling. Other times it’s the underlying cheeky sense of humour that came from Papa that has us in stitches. Most of the […]

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