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this way!

326/366 Always on some kind of treasure hunt, beckoning for me to follow you through the ‘jungle’, down the path and past the giant spider, through the tunnel and onwards towards the treasure!

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fun with friends

325/366 Your favourite thing to do in the plaza square – run in out between the fountains with Alanna, getting soaking wet and eliciting shouts from mummy when you pretend to drink the water.

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to market, to market

324/366 We waited for a lull in the rain and quickly headed downstairs to the veggie truck to buy some things for dinner. You went prepared, with your own bag on your arm, coins inside to buy whatever we needed.

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lunch request

323/366 Out of the blue you have been asking to go and have banana leaf for lunch. We finally got our act together and headed there today. You thoroughly enjoyed it!

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baby gap

322/366 You got this colourful lollipop from Baby Gap today. Luckily you were content to eat those two bites out of the side and leave it at that. I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with the aftermath of you scarfing the whole thing down!

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funny face

321/366 Pulling faces and being generally cheeky while calling for mummy to “Hurry up!”.

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