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rainy day breakfast date

320/366 We decided to head down for some roti canai for breakfast this morning. Unfortunately the rain started pouring down just as we walked through the condo gates. We only made it as far as Coffee Bean, so eggs benedict it was.

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princess pose

319/366 Every now and then of late, you have started to ask me to take a photo of you or something of yours. Today it was a picture of your ‘princess pose’.

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318/366 Ahhhh, those curls. They do make swoon.

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i’m ready!

317/366 This would be one of the times when a little supervision over your make-up wouldn’t have gone astray. Not quite learned in the ways of mascara just yet. Still, you were probably even more proud of the job you did today than any other time. You walked out of the room to where Papa […]

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cleaning is fun

316/366 It seems cleaning is only fun when you’re not really cleaning at all…more like making more mess!

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it’s a hard life

315/366 Being asked to tidy up your mess is such an unreasonable request!

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