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*a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013 Her response to being told she has five more minutes left before we leave the playground. Linking up with Jodi.

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why so serious?

348/366 You are the picture of seriousness here, maybe even a little melancholy. In truth, you were merely concentrating on the cherries in your hand (notice the stains around your mouth?). It’s serious business, cherry eating.

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skinny minnie

347/366 It was unseasonably chilly today and I was scrambling around in our suitcase and amongst the stash of larger sized clothes I left in Perth last visit for something a little bit warmer for you to wear. Finally settled on this t-shirt (about the only thing with sleeves that I packed!) and this maxi skirt, which I had to roll […]

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herb garden

  346/366 Watering Na Namkarng’s herb garden. Such a good little ‘helper’ you are!

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lunchtime woes

345/366 Oh it’s a hard life at three and half. We all know how hard you can be to deal with when you’re hungry, let alone when your lunch is the last out of the bunch to arrive!

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a sweet reunion

344/366 We woke up in Perth this morning, and someone was oh so happy to see you. The ‘sisters’ together again.

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