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343/366 A split second where I caught your eye, an invisible thread connecting us – mother and daughter. How blessed I am, we are, to have you in our lives, little one.

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342/366 Climbing has been in your repertoire for a fair while now, however scaling fences and climbing over them is a new thing. Which means that we can’t walk past this fence without stopping for you to make sure you haven’t lost your newly acquired skill.

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perfect perch

341/366 You dragged the boxed up portable high chair (which we haven’t bothered unboxing due to the fact that you really have no use for it anymore) and put it to good use as a perfect sized chair for you to sit and eat your lunch on at the coffee table.

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such a kid

340/366 All I can think of when I look at this picture is ‘little kid’, little girl. Such a stark contrast from the toddler that I started off photographing at the beginning of this year. Your mannerisms and movement are much more matured than they were 11 months ago and you’ve really begun to come […]

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rock climbing

339/366 Clambering on the rocks, jumping to and from each one, you happily entertained yourself with stories of a land I wasn’t privy to. Unfortunately the play session had to be cut a bit shorter than you would’ve liked, due to the presence of, what felt to my legs like, a giant swarm of mosquitoes!

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coffee break

338/366 A little coffee break for the mummies, and a water break for you girls. All that playing is hard work!

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