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christmas spirit

  359/366 Getting in the mood for Christmas! With Nunks playing photo shoot director and kindly supplying you with some randomly cheesy poses :p **and no, we aren’t preparing for this this year’s Christmas really, REALLY early….this is just a really, REALLY late post!

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drying out

  358/366 You spilt some water on your shirt and were making a bit of a fuss about it, so I told you to go outside in the sun to dry it off. I followed you out a few minutes later and found you standing in front of the air-conditioner fan, drying off your shirt. Not exactly what […]

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  *a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013 The signature frown. She was born with those brows knitted together, it was the precise look she shot me when we first met. I held her in my arms and she looked up at me, distinctly annoyed at being pulled into this […]

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learning the art of closet raiding

  357/366 This battered and out of shape hat that you stole from Numps’ closet seems to have become part of your everyday clothing rotation. As much as I’m sure she doesn’t mind, it makes me chuckle to see you pinching items from her closet already, at three years old. At least this way, Numps […]

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fun in the sun

  356/366 After a few unseasonably cool days in Perth, we’ve been thrown right into the thick of a true Aussie summer, the heat almost inescapable. Luckily Aunty Deph offered up her pool for a bite of respite and also came to the rescue when I forgot your bathers by breaking out your Christmas present a few days […]

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Rise of the Guardians

  355/366 Three mummies herded three little girls out of the stinking summer heat and into the cool of the cinema theatre for a morning session of Rise of the Guardians. You girls absolutely loved it, shuffling popcorn into your mouths like pros, Ashlee stealing sips of her mummy’s coffee! As soon as we exited […]

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