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You look so grown up here it’s ridiculous. You’ve reached an age where you seem to be making us laugh more and more with the quirky little things you say. The most recent in your repertoire are the special names you have for everyone.

Bampa = Bamps
Yai-ja = Yaich (this makes me laugh to no end).
Na Namkarng = Nunks
Na Nampeung = Numps

There are also the few words/names that you get muddled with from time to time, reminding me that as much as you are growing up much faster than I can handle, you are still such a little girl.

Melody = Lemony
Pinocchio = Pokinocchio
Bo Peep = Bee Pope (this one mots likely courtesy of Bamps, who’s taken it on himself to teach you the art of spoonerisms).
Peacock = Peacop
Pixie dust = pixie bust
Shiberating = shivering

And a couple of concoctions that you’ve been enjoying whipping up in your own little kitchen lately –

Popsy Coppertail – this is a favourtie, and I suspect is a play on the characters from Peter Rabbit?
Donut Hoofia – no idea where this is from…My Little Pony, perhaps?

Some of these things I’ll remember, a lot will probably slip from my mind as you keepd growing and come up with new weird and wonderful ways to keep us entertained. I find myself in a bit of a panic to document it all, fighting against the feeling of it slipping through my fingers, yet reveling in the wonder of the person you are becoming.

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by Sharlene

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  1. Kandice Breinholt
    Posted February 4, 2013 at 13:48 | Permalink

    my word, that first photo is absolutely stunning. she is a beauty.. that hair!

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