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breaking radio silence

We went for a rather long walk along the foreshore tonight, attempting to get this body at least slightly prepared for this impending birth, and just generally enjoying the feeling of being back home. Excuse the temporary absence, but between this temporary shift back to Perth to prepare for the arrival of baby, settling in, […]

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new year’s eve

366/366 The last day of 2012, and what a hot and muggy one it was! We grabbed some fish & chips and all headed down to the Applecross foreshore to enjoy the last sunset of the year. You were a little reluctant to head into the river sans bathers (sorry, mummy forgot…again!), but the cool […]

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black out

  365/366 We had a little power outage tonight, and that brief moment of darkness, lit only with the glow of candles, was like sheer magic to you. For the rest of us though, the unrequited heat of a summer night was a little much. We were sort of glad when the all the fans […]

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enjoying the end of year lull

364/366 Only a few days before the end  of year hits us. We headed out to brunch to enjoy the quiet that comes with the contemplation of a year past; before rushing head-on, into new year resolutions as the clock ticks over into 2013.

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*a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013 What a serious look, concerned almost. She is so like her Papa in this respect, it’s uncanny. All appearances would have you believe that she is this serious little creature, a bit reserved and mostly quiet. Then slowly, but surely, what’s lying under the surface […]

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a scene from a painting

 *iPhone only 363/366 We headed to the beach tonight with a packed dinner of grilled chicken and sticky rice in hand, to enjoy one of the glorious Perth sunsets that always seem to be up on offer at Cottesloe Beach. And what an amazingly glorious one it was tonight, too! Of course, I had to go and […]

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