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learning the art of closet raiding

  357/366 This battered and out of shape hat that you stole from Numps’ closet seems to have become part of your everyday clothing rotation. As much as I’m sure she doesn’t mind, it makes me chuckle to see you pinching items from her closet already, at three years old. At least this way, Numps […]

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skinny minnie

347/366 It was unseasonably chilly today and I was scrambling around in our suitcase and amongst the stash of larger sized clothes I left in Perth last visit for something a little bit warmer for you to wear. Finally settled on this t-shirt (about the only thing with sleeves that I packed!) and this maxi skirt, which I had to roll […]

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working it

291/366 This is the result of mummy having morning sickness and struggling to get out of bed – you (sans bath) in an inside out, back-to-front dress (picked out from the dirty laundry). And let’s not even talk about the state of your hair! But props to you for working the look, regardless of your […]

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little star

289/366 Look at you, like a little movie star being tailed by her bodyguard. No wonder people look at the photos I take of you and think you’re high maintenance! I promise you, you are anything but. We have been very blessed with how easy you are to handle. Sure, you have your moments like any kid, […]

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individual style

286/366 You really have your own style, babygirl. You love to accessorize your outfits and, for the most part, you tend to keep it simple, one necklace or maybe a bangle on your wrist. Today for our date at Starbucks you chose to accessorize with mummy’s hair tie as a headband of sorts. Somehow it […]

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