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funny girl

349/366 You look so grown up here it’s ridiculous. You’ve reached an age where you seem to be making us laugh more and more with the quirky little things you say. The most recent in your repertoire are the special names you have for everyone. Bampa = Bamps Yai-ja = Yaich (this makes me laugh […]

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making us laugh

264/366 Babygirl, you are such a joy in our lives, making us laugh everyday with some little titbit or other. You inherited some of mummy’s serious-child streak and sometimes it’s exactly that that has us chuckling. Other times it’s the underlying cheeky sense of humour that came from Papa that has us in stitches. Most of the […]

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little person

195/366 Hard to imagine that such a little person could bring so much joy into my life. So many little things you say and do that make me laugh daily. The most recent was upon being asked what you were looking for while rummaging through the fridge unauthorized. You responded with “I just wanna eat […]

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pets – I was never really on board with the idea

54/366 So, I’ve never really been taken with the idea of my kids having pets, and having to look after the very thing you promised you would look after yourself (which is exactly what I did to my parents, by the way). But this, this I am totally ok with. Your yet-to-be-named pet rock. You […]

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things you say

48/366 Cowboy-nana = carbonara Galumpeelor = galloping Slowmet = snowman Pikanet = Picnic “Hmmmm…very inderdesting.” “Hello, Mr. Mummy!” “I’m sneezing my nose, mummy! When anybody asks you what your name is, you promptly reply “Wee wee!”. Luckily you say it in Thai and no one actually understands. If Papa gives mummy a kiss or a hug and […]

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29/366 I wandered out of the coffee shop after we finished breakfast to see where the two of you had snuck off to. Found you at the corner store…with yet another lollipop. You, and the cat, waiting patiently for Kong-kong to unwrap it.

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