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catching up

I’m a tiny bit behind in posting my daily photos. Chinese New Year and two weeks relaxing in Taiping will do that to you! But now that I’m back in Singapore, it’s business as usual. Daily posting will resume as soon as I manage to get the back-log of posts up 🙂

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good year

Ahhhhh, 2012. Hello 🙂 It feels good to bask in your light, to feel the weightlessness that comes with a new year. 2011 was…ok but 2012, you feel good on me. I think we’re going to get along. We ushered you in with a midnight dip (feet only coz the water was too cold – […]

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bitten by the bug

Wow. It’s only been a four year hiatus, but I’m back! The blogging bug has bitten me in the bum and I couldn’t stay away any longer 🙂 It’s been somewhat of a big year for our little troupe, settling into a new country and all. This December marked a full year away from family, […]

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