La Troupe

So this is our little troupe of three.

There’s me, Sharlene, mummy, juggler of all things pertaining to the household, and then some. Over-sensitive, procrastinating, tea drinking, book-loving, me.

Then there’s Wilson, papa and clown of the family, always ready to have a laugh at his own expense if it’ll bring a smile to our faces. He’s also the planner to my procrastinator and gives me a kick gentle nudge every now and then so that the things I hate doing or, let’s face it, just plain can’t be bothered doing, don’t get put off until the cows come home 😀

And then…well, then there’s Riley Belle. Babygirl and ringmaster extraordinaire – the show revolves around her. A little ball of energy and a stream of non-stop entertainment. She has a penchant for babycinos and can be tough to win over – only likes you if you play hard to get – but after that, it’s kisses galore. We love her 🙂