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early morning giggles

254/366 Having a bleary-eyed chuckle at Na Nampeung’s expense while at the airport this morning. It was a 4 am wake-up call for us today, as we packed up, said good-bye and headed back to KL. It’s almost become routine for us now, all these airport runs and multiple farewells. Part and parcel of being a citizen […]

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goodbye kiss

250/366 Sending Papa back to work in KL while we grab a few more precious days in Perth with everyone.

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sayonara Singapore

147/366 Look at us, off on another adventure. After a year and half in Singapore, we’re packing up and moving to KL.  Admittedly, despite assuming that it would be a cinch to slip seamlessly into the culture here, it has taken a little longer to adjust than I anticipated and now we’re off to do […]

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baby or big girl

117/366 Gosh, I look at those first two photos and I just can’t get over how grown-up you look! The way you’re looking at me, the way you’re perched on that bar like a mini teenager. It’s just crazy to me. Then I glance down at the third photo and I feel a tiny spot […]

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109/366 Up and at ’em bright and early for our flight back to Singapore, you were only just starting to wake up properly when it was time for us to say goodbye and head in to board our flight. It doesn’t seem to get any easier, in fact it only seems to get harder with […]

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85/366 Well look at that, we’re here again! A last minute trip back to Perth. After a rough time with you falling sick, desperately feeling the need to recharge and get a dose of fresh air into you, I packed our bags to take us back for three solid weeks of getting spoilt by Yai-ja […]

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