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shelf ornament

74/366 A favourite little chill-out spot of yours. So much so, that we had to remove one of the shelves for you so that you didn’t keep knocking your head on it and have to contort you body to fit into the little space!

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where’s wally?

60/366 Where’s Wally? – this was Na Nampeung’s favourite book when she was little. You’re not quite as obsessed with it as she was, but you do a pretty good job of feigning it. With that intense look of concentration, no one would’ve guessed that this scene only lasted for about, oh, 30 seconds?

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book sale

36/366 We took you to a closing down book store sale today and let you run rampant through the kids section. Found you a Miss Spider book and that kept you quiet for about 5 minutes.

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