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enjoying the end of year lull

364/366 Only a few days before the end  of year hits us. We headed out to brunch to enjoy the quiet that comes with the contemplation of a year past; before rushing head-on, into new year resolutions as the clock ticks over into 2013.

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  *a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013 Post roti canai breakfast. Giving me some cheek by the roadside. I have an even more utterly “charming” expression captured, tucked away for the 21st birthday! My favourite post from last week has to be this one from Endearing Life. In a word, […]

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dancing the morning away

337/366 Post-breakfast this morning you and Teagan decided on an impromptu dance/jumping session as we waited for Kor-kor to collect her takeaway.

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rainy day breakfast date

320/366 We decided to head down for some roti canai for breakfast this morning. Unfortunately the rain started pouring down just as we walked through the condo gates. We only made it as far as Coffee Bean, so eggs benedict it was.

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a naughty breakfast

314/366 We headed down to the shops bright and early this morning to try and get to the supermarket before the heat got a bit much to bear. This meant getting you out of the house before you’d had breakfast and consequently you got to enjoy a little McD’s, much to your delight.

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302/366 The best part of having Jek-jek around is that mummy and Papa get our babysitter back!

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