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funny face

321/366 Pulling faces and being generally cheeky while calling for mummy to “Hurry up!”.

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not playing ball

300/366 Sitting down waiting for Papa and Jek-jek before going out for dinner I thought I’d take the opportunity to get a nice picture of you with Kong-kong and Mah-mah. You know, the type that they love – sitting down nicely and smiling for the camera. Which pretty much meant that you would give me […]

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girls and their hair

282/366 Attempting to set free your ‘beautiful curls’ after mummy insisted that you should have them out of your face while you play.

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backyard exploring

277/366 I terribly miss having a backyard that is directly attached to our house that I can just throw you out into to run off the nasties when you’re cranky and bored. But I suppose one of the benefits of condo living, is that we have a rather massive ‘backyard’ to explore and go adventuring […]

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had enough

269/366 After 9 months you are finally learning to tolerate me and my camera. You don’t mind it so much and you’ve learnt to simply tell me to put my camera away when you’ve had enough. Sometimes though, you just give me this.

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making us laugh

264/366 Babygirl, you are such a joy in our lives, making us laugh everyday with some little titbit or other. You inherited some of mummy’s serious-child streak and sometimes it’s exactly that that has us chuckling. Other times it’s the underlying cheeky sense of humour that came from Papa that has us in stitches. Most of the […]

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