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christmas day

360/366 Christmas day. Of all the pictures I could choose, this is probably not your quintessential Christmas day picture, but it is the one that I think summarizes the day perfectly. A hot, hot day filled up with family lunch followed by family dinner with cousins, aunties, and uncles, complete with swimming pool and simple, summer food, […]

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christmas spirit

  359/366 Getting in the mood for Christmas! With Nunks playing photo shoot director and kindly supplying you with some randomly cheesy poses :p **and no, we aren’t preparing for this this year’s Christmas really, REALLY early….this is just a really, REALLY late post!

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little girl, huge tree

334/366 Mesmerized by the huge Christmas tree and giant presents!

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beyond excited

330/366 We decided to set up our Christmas tree a little earlier than usual this year, and also in spite of knowing that we wouldn’t be in KL for Christmas  due to your insistence. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so excited about anything else before in your entire life!  You didn’t even try to contain your excitement as […]

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