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271/366 Making our way to the grocery store, in style!

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what to wear at home

258/366 Your outfit of choice today. Entirely appropriate I suppose, given the weather here?

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phantom socks

213/366 Now I know where the matching pairs to all of Papa’s socks have been disappearing to!

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a very stylish life jacket

116/366 You spied this almost-too-small cheongsam in your closet and begged me to put it on for you, insistent that this is what you wanted to wear today. “I want to wear the life jacket, mummy!”, were your exact words. I hate to think what your reaction would be if your saw the truth of […]

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little liverbird

63/366 Wearing Papa’s Liverpool hat and making him proud 🙂

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girly girl?

58/366 SIA stewardess red. Aunty Alyssa had a flight today and kindly did your nails too, while she was getting ready. You were very cool about your first manicure, sitting very still with your hands held out as you had your nails painted, and then carefully holding them in the air as your nails dried. […]

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