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  361/366 Mummy was making a boxing day pavlova and you hit the jackpot!

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finding your chub

351/366 Just one week in Perth and those chibby cheeks are already becoming more apparent. You’ve been eating anything you can get your hands on, your appetite ravenous, even by your normal standards. Mist be something about the weather, but there’s just no stopping you!

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why so serious?

348/366 You are the picture of seriousness here, maybe even a little melancholy. In truth, you were merely concentrating on the cherries in your hand (notice the stains around your mouth?). It’s serious business, cherry eating.

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lunchtime woes

345/366 Oh it’s a hard life at three and half. We all know how hard you can be to deal with when you’re hungry, let alone when your lunch is the last out of the bunch to arrive!

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perfect perch

341/366 You dragged the boxed up portable high chair (which we haven’t bothered unboxing due to the fact that you really have no use for it anymore) and put it to good use as a perfect sized chair for you to sit and eat your lunch on at the coffee table.

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such a kid

340/366 All I can think of when I look at this picture is ‘little kid’, little girl. Such a stark contrast from the toddler that I started off photographing at the beginning of this year. Your mannerisms and movement are much more matured than they were 11 months ago and you’ve really begun to come […]

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