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dancing the morning away

337/366 Post-breakfast this morning you and Teagan decided on an impromptu dance/jumping session as we waited for Kor-kor to collect her takeaway.

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bonding over chicken nuggets

335/366 You made a new friend at the playground today, when he came bounding in full of boyish energy, offering to share his lunch with you and Manjeera. Nothing like a shared meal to cement new friendships.

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to lunch

331/366 You walked hand in hand with Papa, making jokes and teasing each other as we made our way to lunch. A seemingly mundane moment, so easily slipping by unnoticed in the everyday routine of life, but for this photo.

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waiting is never easy

328/366 Never one to cope well with hunger, you showed your feelings about having to wait for dinner quite clearly. Hangry, as Na Namkarng calls it. I snapped this pic during one of your slightly less cranky moments.

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lunch request

323/366 Out of the blue you have been asking to go and have banana leaf for lunch. We finally got our act together and headed there today. You thoroughly enjoyed it!

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baby gap

322/366 You got this colourful lollipop from Baby Gap today. Luckily you were content to eat those two bites out of the side and leave it at that. I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with the aftermath of you scarfing the whole thing down!

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