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Rise of the Guardians

  355/366 Three mummies herded three little girls out of the stinking summer heat and into the cool of the cinema theatre for a morning session of Rise of the Guardians. You girls absolutely loved it, shuffling popcorn into your mouths like pros, Ashlee stealing sips of her mummy’s coffee! As soon as we exited […]

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picking up where we left off

353/366 The distance between the two of you and the time spent apart hasn’t seemed to dampen your friendship at all.

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coffee break

338/366 A little coffee break for the mummies, and a water break for you girls. All that playing is hard work!

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bonding over chicken nuggets

335/366 You made a new friend at the playground today, when he came bounding in full of boyish energy, offering to share his lunch with you and Manjeera. Nothing like a shared meal to cement new friendships.

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fun with friends

325/366 Your favourite thing to do in the plaza square – run in out between the fountains with Alanna, getting soaking wet and eliciting shouts from mummy when you pretend to drink the water.

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play date

270/366 You were all excited today, as we made our way to a new friend’s house for your very first play date in KL. Friendship is always worth smiling about 🙂

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