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baby girls

251/366 Three beautiful babies girls – you girls are gonna keep your daddies’ hands full when you grow up! You’re already keeping your mummas on their toes! But we love you to bits, we do. Oh, how we love you to bits 🙂

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fun with aunty winnie

247/366 You can always count on Aunty Winnie to bring the fun and games 😉

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happy birthday ashlee

Dear Ashlee, Happy birthday, sweet girl! I can’t believe you turn 3 today! Watching you grow up, going from bald little baby to the spunky little girl you are today, has been pretty amazing. You’ve become this little person, with a cheeky sense of humour and a big smile and infectious laugh that light’s up every room you walk […]

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dinky ride

237/366 Giving bunny a dinky…I don’t think anyone even uses that word anymore, or even know what it means! But that is what you’re doing.

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235/366 This trip back to Perth was the first time you got to meet Pixie and, much to all of our surprise, you got on like a house on fire! We were all wondering how you would react to her, knowing that the idea of a cute, little dog could be much different to seeing her in […]

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hand in hand

234/366 Aunty Winnie and mummy must sound so silly to anyone that overhears us,  but every time the two of you hold hands and wander off somewhere together (even if it’s just to watch TV), we can’t help but squeal in delight. Admittedly, Aunty Winnie is the one that does most of the squealing, but I […]

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