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au naturale

212/366 We’ve officially entered the naked stage. You’re not really a fan of the full monty, but it’s not uncommon for you to find you stripped down to your undies and chilling out with the iPad. It’s either that, or multiple (multiple!) outfit changes a day, with claims of “It’s wet!”, or “It’s yucky!, or […]

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173/366 Between the heat, the intermittent rain and Kor-kor’s broken leg, I think we’re starting to feel a little cooped in. Entertainment options have been recycled multiple times over and the iPad has been the go to, but even that is staring to lose a certain amount of appeal. Your whinging has been at an […]

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keeping cool

157/366 Hiding from the heat, hiding from your playtime woes, and mummy hiding from having to deal with a whiny babygirl. We’re both taking the easy way out today.

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taking some time out

156/366 We’ve been spending a fair bit of time shut away up in our room of late. More than I would like, probably not as much as you would want. It’s been a game of tug-of-war between the two of us; me trying to convince you to stay downstairs and face your cousin, learn to […]

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papa time

153/366 A little call to Papa, of your own accord, to say ‘I miss you.”

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iPad interruptus

9/366 “Ugh! Muuuum! Can’t you see I’m busy?! Srsly..!” That look says it all. I am already seeing glimpses of the teenager in you. You are most definitely a product of the iGeneration. Proficient in operation if all ‘i-devices’ since you were 18 months old, you recognize the symbol for YouTube and know it’s name […]

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