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342/366 Climbing has been in your repertoire for a fair while now, however scaling fences and climbing over them is a new thing. Which means that we can’t walk past this fence without stopping for you to make sure you haven’t lost your newly acquired skill.

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such a kid

340/366 All I can think of when I look at this picture is ‘little kid’, little girl. Such a stark contrast from the toddler that I started off photographing at the beginning of this year. Your mannerisms and movement are much more matured than they were 11 months ago and you’ve really begun to come […]

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i’m ready!

317/366 This would be one of the times when a little supervision over your make-up wouldn’t have gone astray. Not quite learned in the ways of mascara just yet. Still, you were probably even more proud of the job you did today than any other time. You walked out of the room to where Papa […]

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305/366 Another new favourite past-time – going through mummy’s cosmetics bag and doing your ‘make-ups’. We’ve been pretty lucky with you in that we never had to baby proof the house and you inherently avoid things like knives and hot stoves. So even when it comes to things like make-up, I don’t really have to […]

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watching you

298/366 It’s been a big year for you, 2012. Not just in terms of everything that you’ve been up to, places you’ve visited and people you’ve met, but also in how much you’ve grown up. It’s been astounding just watching how much you’ve changed. It is every year, but somehow it seems like a bigger […]

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hanging out

272/366 How could that face not make you smile? We spent a little while hanging out in the bedroom today. I cherish these moments of time spent with you, knowing that the school days will be upon us before we know it, and the days of leisurely chilling on the bed doing nothing but a […]

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