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enjoying the end of year lull

364/366 Only a few days before the end  of year hits us. We headed out to brunch to enjoy the quiet that comes with the contemplation of a year past; before rushing head-on, into new year resolutions as the clock ticks over into 2013.

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*a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013 Backlit bed head. She always wakes up with a wild mess of hair in her eyes and I love it so. Linking up with Jodi.

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318/366 Ahhhh, those curls. They do make swoon.

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individual style

286/366 You really have your own style, babygirl. You love to accessorize your outfits and, for the most part, you tend to keep it simple, one necklace or maybe a bangle on your wrist. Today for our date at Starbucks you chose to accessorize with mummy’s hair tie as a headband of sorts. Somehow it […]

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de ja vu

205/366 I get the feeling that this trip to KL was a bit like de ja vu for Bampa. I heard the words “That look was just like you as a little girl!” come out of his mouth multiple times. As you head into this new stage, something to do with being three going on thirteen, you […]

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paparazzi shot

197/366 Sunnies on, face down and hidden, trying to avoid the camera at all costs; the paparazzi (mamarazzi!) has been a bit tough on you this year haven’t they babygirl? 😉

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