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bonding over chicken nuggets

335/366 You made a new friend at the playground today, when he came bounding in full of boyish energy, offering to share his lunch with you and Manjeera. Nothing like a shared meal to cement new friendships.

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unintentionally fashion forward

333/366 People always ask me what’s going on with your hair, why it’s longer on one side and shorter on the other. “Is is intentional?”, they ask. Perhaps thinking that you are even trendier than your mummy! I laugh as I tell them the real reason, that it’s simply how your hair has grown since […]

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beyond excited

330/366 We decided to set up our Christmas tree a little earlier than usual this year, and also in spite of knowing that we wouldn’t be in KL for Christmas  due to your insistence. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so excited about anything else before in your entire life!  You didn’t even try to contain your excitement as […]

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a beautiful mess

327/366 Babygirl, you sure do know how to make a mess, but it can be rather intriguing watching you construct your little world amongst that mess.

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this way!

326/366 Always on some kind of treasure hunt, beckoning for me to follow you through the ‘jungle’, down the path and past the giant spider, through the tunnel and onwards towards the treasure!

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to market, to market

324/366 We waited for a lull in the rain and quickly headed downstairs to the veggie truck to buy some things for dinner. You went prepared, with your own bag on your arm, coins inside to buy whatever we needed.

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